• System 7 Young Pro Leg Guard Ages 9-12 Years
    (Item#: LG912S7 )

    • The Youth System Seven™ leg guards are designed with the same materials as used in the Adult Professional line.
    • Well ventilated, light, and strong professional leg guard.
    • Plastic plates are thicker in select areas which take the most abuse, such as the knees.
    • Shin plates have 10 ventilation ports and large breathable holes in padding.
    • Moldable plastic allows the player to squeeze and bend the shin plates to wrap around their legs how they like. If you like the shins to feel tight, then squeeze in the walls to bring them in. If you like them loose and more breathable, flex the shin plates outward.
    • Triple Knee Design with Active Tracking.™
    • Removable and machine washable UltraCool™ lined padding is located in the shins.
    • The knee pads incorporate our Patella Plus Gel™ technology which will help limit the constant abuse to catcher's knees.
    • DeltaFlex™ Harness.
    • Posts for optional second toe on LG1216S7 only. Second toe sold separately.

      Ages 9-12:LG912S7 (13 inch length)


      BK, NA, RO, SC, MA, DG, PU, SV, GPH