• System 7 Umpires Light Weight Face Mask
    (Item#: FM4000-UMP )


    • The FM4000's design is inspired by the MVP2500 and MVP4000 cages, which are known for offering great vision and deflective properties. This single bar facemask features a strong vertical center bar right in the front/center of the mask, positioned in such a way to make it virtually invisible when worn.
    • The curved forehead (See top view) allows for more padding to come in contact with the umpire's head to help disperse impacts.
    • The steel wire used to make this mask is hollow. Not only does it reduce the weight but at the same time increases the cage's strength. This cage also features our I-BAR VISION™ construction, where the horizontal bars around the eyes are flat for increased vision.
    • LUC pads are lightweight and wrapped in moisture wicking material that doesn't pull or snag facial hair scruff. These pads are also machine washable, just let them air dry.
    • Traditional Harness included.
    • WEIGHT: 17oz